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Methods for integrating sustainability – inclusion, exclusion and engagement

We consider sustainability to be an integral part of well-managed and profitable investments. We aim to achieve this by being a key player that supports and influences positive sustainable change. Swedbank Robur addresses sustainability using three methods: inclusion, exclusion and engagement. 

We exclude

Swedbank Robur excludes companies associated with products that are not compatible with our views on sustainable development and that we deem harmful to society or the environment. Swedbank Robur’s funds do not invest in:


  • Cluster bombs or anti-personnel mines
  • Chemical or biological weapons
  • Nuclear weapons
  • Tobacco
  • Cannabis
  • Pornographic material
  • Fossil fuels (coal, oil or gas) unless they have clear transition goals and are included on Swedbank Robur’s Green List, which is available on Swedbank Robur’s webpage.
  • Government bonds or government-guaranteed fixed-income securities issued by states that systematically and seriously violate human rights or are subject to sanctions by the UN Security Council EU and US (OFAC) sanctions list.
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We engage

We work to ensure that our holdings minimise their risks and, if possible, develop their business with sustainability in mind. We actively engage with holdings to address environmental, social and governance challenges in our engagement as owner. As owner our primary focus is engagement dialogues with the boards and management teams of the businesses in which we invest. We also take part in nomination committees and we exercise voting at Annual General Meetings. Additionally, we use our influence in the investment community to drive change together with peers and third parties. We also cooperate with our suppliers in developing research methodology that will support sustainable investing.

As an investor we engage with a broad spectrum of stakeholders, such as our customers, the media and NGOs. Transparent communication, education, shared learning and reviews of our products and business practices are the main drivers. We also influence policy-makers and regulatory bodies to improve our sector and society as part of our engagement as an investor.