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Sustainable savings and sustainable investments

Our vision is to become a world leader in sustainable value creation. Sustainable value creation refers to our ambition to create long-term returns for our investors while also contributing to the positive development of society and the environment. We strive to develop the industry by setting new standards for sustainable savings and investments – this is because we are convinced that long-term sustainability and profitability go hand in hand. 

We started working with sustainability back in the 80’s, when we launched our first environment fund. Sustainability has since developed to encompass far more than the environment, but we continue to work and inspire others with our vision to become a world leader in sustainable value creation. As Sweden’s largest fund company, we have a responsibility and opportunity to take a clear stance in questions that are important to our clients, investments and society.

Mission statements – sustainable investments

Swedbank Robur strives to be a leader in the business by setting standards for sustainable investments. Our investments shall contribute to fulfilling the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and our ambition is set out in our Mission Statements, Fair Business, Clean Business and Good Business.

Fair Business

We want to promote fair and transparent business practices, and encourage best practice, sustainable leadership, and collaboration for positive development.


Clean Business

We want to invest in products and services that are produced responsibly and have a positive impact on the climate, our planet, and people.

Good Business

We want to create long-term returns for our customers and invest in businesses that offer solutions to the global challenges of our time.

Sustainability methods

Include, exclude and engage

We want to invest in sustainable holdings that have a positive impact on the environment. Our three strategies - inclusion, exclusion and engagement - clarify the criteria we follow and how we conduct our analysis and assessments.

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We are an active owner

We are one of the largest owners on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and have chosen to be active in our role as owners and investor. We are working with nomination committees, corporate governance specialists, fund managers, sustainability analysts and strategists. During 2020, we:

  • contucted 948 sustainability dialogues
  • voted at 593 AGMs
  • participated in 96 nominating committees

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Collaborations across corporate, sector and national borders

We are convinced that collaborations across corporate, sector and national borders are a key factor for the world to take the necessary steps to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as well as the goals set in the Paris Agreement. We are active in several collaborations and have agreed to work together to achieve these goals and develop sustainability methods within various industry initiatives.